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Data serialization External data


Custom snapping Individual editable items Individual editable items (override) itemsAlwaysDraggable Option Manipulation callbacks Manipulation example Tooltip on item onUpdateTime Option Update data on event


Editable Groups Group example Groups ordering Nested Groups example Nested Groups example (3 levels) Subgroup Visibility Subgroups Vertical Items Hide Visible Groups


Animate window Click to use Event listeners Limit move and zoom navigation menu rolling mode Option Select items Sequential Selection Specific Item Selectability


Background areas Background areas with groups Dynamic Content expected vs actual times items HTML data Item ordering Point items Range overflow Tooltip Template Tooltips


Editable markers Marker events Markers example


A lot of grouped data Clustering example Custom function label format example Custom Localization Data Attributes Data Attributes All Drag & Drop Hiding periods Horizontal Scroll Option Loading screen example Localization onTimeout example performance React 15 Components in templates React 16 Components in templates React Components in templates require.js demo RTL example Show current and custom time bars Show current and custom time bars tooltip Show current and custom time bars with snapping Stress Performance example Time zone Vertical Scroll Option


Custom styling Grid styling Item class names Orientation Show day scale with calendar week Templates Week styling